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Hamere Debebe stands in front of law books.

Satter Ruhlen Law Firm’s Fall 2023 intern is Hamere Debebe, who comes to us through Professor Grant Reeher’s Political Science Internship course at Syracuse University. Originally from Addis Abeba, Hamere is a Senior at SU, studying Political Science, and she is deeply engaged in understanding the complexities of the legal system and its societal impact.

This is not Hamere’s first experience working in the legal industry; at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, she immersed herself in policy research and writing, focusing on issues affecting Roma and Travellers. In New York City, as a Youth Advocate at Harlem Youth Court, she gained practical insights into the juvenile justice system. These experiences have been crucial in shaping her understanding of legal processes at different levels.

At Satter Ruhlen Law Firm, Hamere’s enthusiasm for labor law, fueled by witnessing the benefits of unions in her family, has led her to explore the procedural aspects of legal work. She has delved into various legal activities, and found herself particularly drawn to arbitration cases. These cases, distinct from the trial cases she was accustomed to, offered her a richer perspective on alternative dispute resolution. “Seeing these cases unfold, especially after the intense clerical and research efforts, was incredibly fulfilling,” Hamere reflects. “The process of attorneys negotiating and presenting their cases via a neutral arbitrator, brought a new layer of understanding to legal negotiations and resolutions.”

Hamere states that internship with Satter Ruhlen Law Firm represents a significant milestone in her evolving legal career, especially as she prepares for law school. Her experiences at the firm have not only deepened her understanding of legal principles but also allowed her to explore new areas of law.

We’ve had a great time working with Hamere this semester!

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